Friday, March 16, 2012

3-16-12 Memories

3-16-12 Good bye Ghana

3-16-12 Goodbye Ghana

3-16-12 Farewell to Ghana

Well I have said goodby to Accra girls and I am meeting with the other teachers. Tomorrow I will start a flight home that will go overnight to Frankfurt Germany and then wait for 6 hours. From there it is on to Washington DC and wait a few hours before flying home. If you are interested I will be posting one last movie from this trip in about 10 days that will show my students at Geneseo with my Ghanian students answering the same questions. I think I will keep this blog and also post over the spring other videos that the 2 classes create. If you are interested I think you can sign on as a follower and get an email when I update the blog throughout the spring as I collaborate with my Ghanian counterparts.
Mr. French

3-15-12 How to eat Fu Fu

Listen to how to eat the Fu Fu. It is made from pounded cassava root and pantain mashed and mixed together. It is a taste and texture experience.